Depending on where your location is, it is nice to add directions (map) in with your invitations so your guests feel comfortable reaching your destination.  Be creative and fun and maybe make your own map, drawing certain landmarks and maybe a small car with 2 people in it driving to the end spot.

If you are holding a beach wedding ceremony, you can add signs driving into the beach with shells hanging from them or maybe make  drift wood type signs, with arrows pointing in different directions:   Make some up and add your names pointing to the  west (beach) ,  Key West to south,  maybe your hotel to east etc.   This will depend which coast you are on.

Same if you are holding in a park.  I have seen sliced tree stumps with directions in middle of them. This is not to say, “go and cut down a tree”, only use what has been cut from  maybe a tree trimmer business.  They will always have extras if you ask ahead before they mulch.



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