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You are paying your vendors for their professional expertise, so do yourself a favor and take their advice!  These professionals work with their product on a daily basis, which gives you the benefit of learning from others’ past mistakes.

If your heart is set on certain colors and your photographer says they won’t show up well in photographs, LISTEN!  For example, many dark colors will look more like black in photos.

If your florist tells you that your chosen flowers won’t hold up well in hot, humid summer conditions, LISTEN!  Though you may not be able to use your first choice in flowers, your florist will be able to suggest alternatives in the same colors, giving you the effect you want without sacrificing freshness.

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Everyone is always looking for new and unique bridesmaid gifts.  This is something one of my past brides gave.  Build your own sterling silver Charm bracelets.  Just go to and there is a click to personalize, then pick charms and drag to the bracelet.

You can do a beach theme with starfish, shells, dolphins, etc. or maybe a hobby theme that represents each  person in your party.  Then if they choose to do so, they can add more charms later.  Also available on this site is the Orina charms and beads which are the same idea as the Pandora line, just a bit more reasonable.

Also Michael’s carries lots of charms and do it yourself bracelets, necklaces, etc.  If you have signed up to get the weekly discounts, do so soon to take advantage of 40% off.  That is always a good thing!


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Just a nice thought to think about our guys at the wedding.  Most as we know do not really want to be there but they will never tell you that.  So maybe think about having a table with some manly favors out that they can enjoy.  For example you could do a cigar bar with specialty liquors.  Have your hotel or restaurant set some rounds and ashtrays outside on a nearby area that the guys can go and escape for a while.

if you go on line there are many companies that offer wedding packages from special labeling or adding rollers that come out and give that extra touch.

How about a specialty bar with a large variety of beers or  jerky table with deer, beef and turkey jerky.

Ask your groom to help out with some ideas he may like and know some that his friends would also enjoy.


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When choosing the wedding attire for your guys, please keep in mind the month of your beach or park wedding.   When the weather is hot, (May-September) there is the linen casual/dressy look.  Try white linen shirts and khaki/tan pants or maybe white pants and a colored dress shirt, not buttoned up without the tie to keep it a beachy casual look.  As the temperature starts cooling down, more breezes on the beach, light colored suits are usually a good choice and if your date runs in December-February months, any suits including the darker colors, staying away from the lightweight linens.

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I am always asked if it is a problem if there are more on one side of the bridal party than the other side.  And the answer is no.   You can always have the side with more pair up in with one from the other side  3′s (2 groomsmen with one bridesmaid in the middle or reverse).   Then the rest all walk in pairs.  It is perfectly acceptable and looks great either way.

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For hotter month outdoor beach weddings, keeping your family and guests comfortable should be easy if you keep a few things in mind.

  • Fill white coolers with bottles of ice cold water to pass out.
  •  How about umbrellas or paper parasols for the ladies and older guests to provide some shade?
  • Provide some type of handheld fans, be it oriental or maybe straw fans with a ribbon tied on  for additional color.
  • Many guest do not wear the correct shoes for beach weddings and the sand can be a bit hot, so providing a basket with different size flip flops is also a nice touch.

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Have you thought of giving wedding bells for your guests to ring as the 2 of you come down the isle instead of bubbles or the candied rice?  They have a wonderful sound sound and your guests will love it.  This works especially well with out door weddings where the wind may become an issue for blowing bubbles.

Also something fun if holding a beach wedding ceremony:  All different size beach balls to have guests through up when you 2 come down the isle.  If having kids attend, this will be a winner with them.

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Depending on where your location is, it is nice to add directions (map) in with your invitations so your guests feel comfortable reaching your destination.  Be creative and fun and maybe make your own map, drawing certain landmarks and maybe a small car with 2 people in it driving to the end spot.

If you are holding a beach wedding ceremony, you can add signs driving into the beach with shells hanging from them or maybe make  drift wood type signs, with arrows pointing in different directions:   Make some up and add your names pointing to the  west (beach) ,  Key West to south,  maybe your hotel to east etc.   This will depend which coast you are on.

Same if you are holding in a park.  I have seen sliced tree stumps with directions in middle of them. This is not to say, “go and cut down a tree”, only use what has been cut from  maybe a tree trimmer business.  They will always have extras if you ask ahead before they mulch.



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If your looking for honest and best in the business vendors,  there are few areas to start with.

*Try calling the local hotels in your area where you are thinking of holding your wedding.  They will always have a referral list to hand out and you can count on these wedding vendors as being some of the best in business or the hotel would not recommend them. 

* You can also get referals from these vendors which may work with others that the hotel dosen’t.  No company will put thier reputation on the line unless they feel comfortable as well with who they in turn recommend.

*Also ask any of your friends that may have just recently gotten married in the same area.  Did they like who they used and would they recommend them to you?

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*Brides speak with your stylist about Big Hair for making a major statement

*Nail Polish – new colors light dark plums and eggplant or majestic deep blues – keep nails short & squared

*A large jeweled necklace – balancing the look with sweet dainty earrings

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