There are many things a bride dreams of for her perfect beach wedding.  Problem is, does your budget allow it?  Here are some important needs (not wants) that you should look for in a beach ceremony package:

The Arch and decor provided for arch (this is where all your pictures are centered around at ceremony time)

Is there an officiant?  (Usually provided but always check)

Music provided? (this can save from DJ expenses if you had to hire one just for a 30 minute ceremony)

Chairs  (What kind and do they need covering or are the in good shape?)

Isle way decor (many companies offer choices so you don’t need anything  extra)

And a coordinator for ceremony (Making sure there is someone greeting your guests, walking in the bridal party and helping lead guests after ceremony to your reception destination.)

If you have these areas covered for your beach ceremony, you will not need much else.  Then you can start making a list of wants in order of importance that your budget has room for.

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