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If thinking about a beach or maybe a park type setting for your wedding, think outside the box and create something different for a ring bearer pillow that would stand out more than the normal PILLOW.  Maybe something GREEN.

#1.  How about using a shell?  There are many to pick from, like conch shells, large clam shells or even tulip shells.  Just fill them up with sand & put your rings (maybe faux rings depending on child age) in the sand.

#2. How about a birds nest?  There are many sites that carry natural fiber nests.  Just tie a ribbon through middle, up from the bottom, will  add a touch and hold rings in place too, or add few small eggs and place rings on top.  Use your imagination until it is what you like. has fruit fiber nests. for $6.99 and if you want to incorporate in your reception room, buy some minis to use for table favors adding candy coated almonds to look like the eggs.    See item #6078 by

#3 Any Coconut lovers.  Cut a coconut lengthwise, cleaning all the coconut out, then fill with sand. Place rings in the sand.   Easy! You could extend the idea in to your reception by buying or making from the cleaned out coconuts, a sweet treat on your guest tables, “Coconut Macaroons”.

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There are many things a bride dreams of for her perfect beach wedding.  Problem is, does your budget allow it?  Here are some important needs (not wants) that you should look for in a beach ceremony package:

The Arch and decor provided for arch (this is where all your pictures are centered around at ceremony time)

Is there an officiant?  (Usually provided but always check)

Music provided? (this can save from DJ expenses if you had to hire one just for a 30 minute ceremony)

Chairs  (What kind and do they need covering or are the in good shape?)

Isle way decor (many companies offer choices so you don’t need anything  extra)

And a coordinator for ceremony (Making sure there is someone greeting your guests, walking in the bridal party and helping lead guests after ceremony to your reception destination.)

If you have these areas covered for your beach ceremony, you will not need much else.  Then you can start making a list of wants in order of importance that your budget has room for.

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When leaving from your ceremony or even end of night reception have a big  ”Thank you” written on a big card to hold in front of the 2 of you.  Then incorporate into your thank you cards.  Even make them postcards for a fun way to end your special day.

Or, since your wedding will be on the beach, make the thank-you even more special by writing “Thank You” in the sand and having your photographer take a romantic photo of the two beside it.

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If you want to add a more personal touch to your beach wedding,  here is a good one.  Add an isle of  pictures  hanging from a string that runs across wood posts, bamboo stantion or even longer pieces of drift wood.  Look for 10 or so pictures of each of you from your childhood until present.  Have them made into 8 by 10  size pictures and clip them on the clothesline  (should be at eye level) with what else, clothes pins or incorporate  your own ideas to persoanlize even more.

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# 1 concern that no one thinks about, be aware of special events happening around your day when choosing a beach location. (Spring Break, Triathlons, Holiday weekends, charity walks etc.) Special events make extra traffic for guests and it may be difficult for parking. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick a busy weekend, just elect to have transportation for your guests from hotel to ceremony site and back. Allow for extra travel time and post that in your invitations. Many hotels will offer shuttle service at no extra charge, which maybe good to ask about when calling around.

Also if you pick a beach with municiple parking, make sure guests are aware by placing a note in your invitations.

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