We planned the date, but things just were not falling into place. I had been working with another vendor that the St Pete Chamber had referred. Everything I envisioned for my beach wedding, I was being told no by this vendor. I wanted to make my own flowers and was told no, I wanted the sea oats in my background and I could not have, and I didn’t care for the arches the way they had them and I had to pick one of the packages, I couldn’t do something different. I tried for 2 months to work with them and finally told my husband-to-be, “Kev, cancel the wedding. It is impossible to deal with this vendor and there is no one out there I want. THEN I RAN ACROSS “BEACH CEREMONIES BY JULES” and it was everything I had been looking for, almost to good to be true, her arches were sooo pretty. So I emailed her and told her what I was looking for. “I am 6 weeks away from my projected wedding can you help me ?” Julie called me that next morning and it was like we had instant connection, she said yes to all my requests and put me at ease. We hung up and I called Kev and said the wedding is back on! The weeks came and went and emails flew back and forth. June 30th finally arrived – they had been calling for rain all week and it was no where insight until an hour or so before the ceremony. The darkest of clouds showed up and it was coming right at us. Julie came into my room and we all did a “go away rain dance” and a lot of praying. The sun came out about 1/2 hour later and it was absolutely gorgeous! I could not have asked for a more perfect day. Julie McCullough is incredible to work with any question or concern I had. She is professional, has an incredible since of style, fun , witty, hard working,determined and caring. I owe my entire wedding day to her! I feel I have made a new friend. We visit Tampa often and will definitely meet up for dinner. Julie also referred me to a local photographer in Treasure Island, Stephen Rudd and his work is amazing! Thank you Julie and Matt for an incredible day!

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